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Michael Aufmuth
So for those of you that know me you understand that I have a history with this location.  Spanning back 17 years ago I was given my first management position at 5 E Ft Lowell.   This helps me to explain some of the benefits of your next purchase from Cornerstone Auto Sales.  Cornerstone Auto Sales in Tucson is a dealership that is backed by the Evans family with over 30 years of car selling experience in the Tucson Market.  They are a family owned and operated dealership selling late model "program vehicles" and offering financing that is traditionally not offered at independent dealerships.  I will elaborate on the financing options further down. 
When it comes to service Cornerstone Auto Sales offers their own service shop on site for all your repair needs.  Cornerstone also utilizes their shop to complete a safety inspection on all of their retail inventory.  At this location you will find all of the benefits of a large franchise dealership in a smaller package.  What allows Cornerstone Auto Sales to stand out is the fact that they can compete and out price larger dealerships with their inventory, products, and service.  If you are looking for a quality late model used car in Tucson, great service, and super competitive pricing, Cornerstone Auto Sales should be on your radar!
Now back to the topic of financing...  Cornerstone offers quite a bit of options that you don't traditionally see at an independent dealership.  One of the options that I love is called CUDL.  CUDL stands for Credit Union Direct Lending and allows Cornerstone to get you approved at a local credit union and arrange all of your financing and paperwork directly from the dealership.   Already a member?  They can help you too!  Rates are available from 2.19% oac with flexible terms and multiple options.  Cornerstone also offers direct lending through several lenders and banks.  You can have a loan set up for this type of financing at the dealership as well.   For those who have several bumps on your credit, Cornerstone Auto offers an in-house financing program to help rebuild your credit and get you driving!  
Learn more about Cornerstones Super Easy Approval Process online.  Check out this video that describes the process and how it is different from most dealerships in Tucson.
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