How To Buy a Vehicle in Tucson with Bad Credit

Michael Anthony Lewis
The Statistics show that over 50% of Tucsonians have some type of credit issues. Whether it's late
payments, bankruptcy high debt ratios or collection accounts.

The key to purchasing a vehicle with bad credit in Tucson is buying a vehicle you can afford.
That typically, is a car under $10,000.00. The next most important resource needed to by a car is down payment. If you have credit issues most dealerships will require a minimum of 10% down.

The 10% down payment lowers the loan-to-
value of the purchase transaction and improves the dealerships risk for subprime buyers. The 3rd qualification you must have is stable employment. 6 months employment at your current job is optimum with no gaps and with a complete 2 year history will improve your chances of approval. Buy Here/Pay Here car lots are your best opportunity to purchase a vehicle because they are the bank and carry your car note until you pay it off. has several reputable Buy Here/Pay Here dealerships on our site that we can recommend to ensure the best probability of getting you financed for your next vehicle.
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