Peace of Mind on your next used car purchase in Tucson AZ

Michael Aufmuth

When purchasing a used vehicle today there are plenty of factors to consider. The mileage, how well it was previously serviced, was the vehicle ever in an accident, was there a safety inspection completed on the vehicle before you purchased it. Even if you get all the right answers before you decide to purchase how do you have "peace of mind" knowing that you are making a sound decision. Most reputable dealerships will complete a safety inspection showing that the vehicle that you are purchasing is in sound mechanical condition. This however is not bulletproof.

Peace of Mind comes from adding a vehicle service contract or "vsc" to your new purchase. A vehicle service contract is a great way to cover service repairs that inevitably come with ownership. It not only allows you to protect your investment, it provides you with a reliable way to make payments that fit within your budget so that you can avoid having any large or unexpected bills for covered repairs. Understanding how a vehicle service contract works and what makes one better than another also allows you to make a sound decision on your future purchase. When you have decided on a vehicle that you wish to purchase the next step should be deciding which vehicle service contract is a good fit in your budget. Today with most dealership financing, banks and credit unions adding a vehicle service contract to your purchase is a very simple process. Most lender programs offer simple steps to finance a vehicle service contract.   Lenders understand that it will protect you from large expenses you may face with your vehicle down the road. Also when you add a vehicle service contract to your purchase the difference in your financed payments is very manageable.

When you are presented with a vehicle service contract you should understand there are two types of coverage and there is a good time and place for both of them. The first type of coverage is Stated Coverage. Stated Coverage is simply explained by saying if it is spelled out or listed on a brochure then it is covered. To give you an example of this lets say you need to use your vehicle service contract and you purchased a stated coverage. You go to a certified mechanics and they determine that you need a new electronic control module "ecm". If the ecm is not stated or listed in the listed components then it is not covered. When you purchase a Stated Coverage be careful and make sure and read the listed coverages. The second type of coverage is Exclusionary coverage. Exclusionary coverage is the better of the two types of coverage. Exclusionary coverage is typically compared to a vehicles manufacture warranty because it covers everything between the two bumpers with two exceptions. The exclusionary coverage does not cover wear and tear items and it also will have listed components that are not cover. The difference being it will state what is not covered versus stating what is covered.

There are quite a few companies that offer vehicle service contracts and they all have different levels of coverage. Based on my experiences as both a dealer and a dealer product specialist I would recommend Warrantech as a solid vehicle service contract. Owned by Amtrust, Warrantech's programs offer great coverage options and flexible terms. Warrantech has two service contracts that I highly recommend depending on the vehicle you are looking at. The CustomEdge Program is designed for late model "newer" vehicles going back up-to 10 years old. The Mile Edge contract offers coverage for higher mileage vehicles going back up-to 20 years old.

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